How to Measure Your Natural Hair Length

how to measure your natural hair length

There are a variety of ways to measure your natural hair length. Utilizing a tape measure or a permanent scale is one method and using the body part or a comparision photograph is another method. Using a permanent scale , or tape measure is the most accurate way to measure your hair length. These instruments are not only simple to use, but also cost-effective.

Body part as a measuring aid

You can track your progress by using a body part that measures natural hair. If you’re hoping to increase your eyebrows, measure your hair from your eyebrows to your nostrils. You can also use your lip length to describe your desired length to vendors.

Comparison shots

Comparing your natural hair length could help you understand your hair’s growth rate. You can gauge how fast your hair grows by taking photos every three months. When comparing hair lengths, try to wear the same clothing and have the same hair angle, and keep the same length.

Use tape measures

One of the most efficient ways to determine the length of your hair is to use the tape measure. To utilize a tape measure place it on your scalp and stretch the tape length out until you reach the end of your hair. This way, you will determine the length of your hair accurately. It can also be useful for tracking the rate at which your hair is growing.

Tape measuring is the best method to measure your natural hair length. This is the most effective method to measure your hair length. It is also important to note your measurements so you can follow your growth over time. If you have hair that is short You can still apply extensions that are greater than four inches in length, but it may not appear as natural as hair that is longer.

A tape measure and a ruler are the most practical tools you can use to measure the length of your natural hair. You can also utilize a tape measure take measurements of your hair’s length. It is also possible to take photos of your hair in different stages to determine how it has developed.

Utilizing a permanent scale

A tape measure and a permanent scale are both simple and quick ways to determine the length of your hair naturally. It is a good idea keep a photo of a small portion of your head every day. The pictures you take will aid you in determining the ideal length of your hair.

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